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T&C for all MEP works

TVOSERVICE provides you the complete range of MEP T&C Management and witnessing. Professional and Experienced Engineers will manage your Project and drive the progress to completion and successful handover.


T&C for all MEP works with Industrial Standards

All kind of Projects with Indutrial Standards needs special attention, materials are different and specialized and need other handling than an average Project. People from TVOSERVICE know how to handle all kinds of Equipments and how to manage special Projects, so that Standards required by the Client are followed and achieved.


T&C for all MEP works at Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts need special type of T&C Management because of varied systems, like
Room Management Systems
Restaurants and BoH Kitchens
Background Music Systems
Ambiente /Facade Light concepts etc.
TVOSERVICE has the experience and knowledge to manage and witness all those varied Systems in Hotels and make sure that the Contractor providing it, completes the task as per design and client expectations.


SITE SUPERVISION for any kind or brand of Cooling Tower

Many years of experience in the field makes TVOSERVICE your best partner in Cooling Tower erection and maintenance. Training and guiding the installation team on Site with hands on, to increase the skills of your personnel for future Projects.
Contact us to discuss further. 

COOLING TOWER Site Supervision

Site Supervision during Construction

TVOSERVICE with base in Dubai and easy access to Middle East and Asian Countries is your Partner to represent your Company localley on your Projects in the Middle East / Asian Region. TVOSERVICE will act on behlf of your Company and be the trusted Representative to satisfy your Clients. Professional, Experienced, Reliable.


TVOSERVICE will visit your Project and inspect for you

We are professionals in undertaking detailed Site Inspections and reporting. Providing analysis / estimation on time frames required to execute, repair or refurbish.
Use the Contact option below to send your Enquiry and we will tailor for you the Service you need.